Sunday October 31, 2010

Cap City Cross - Uncle Steves Halloween Race & Columbus City Championships
Date: Sunday October 31, 2010
Location: Columbis, OH
Even Type: Cyclocross
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October 31, 2010
4th - Women 1-2 I fell in the MUD, but looked great in my Batman costume!
11th - Cat 3 4 way tie with Mason, Markstein, Myself, and Katsu (i think) good thing cap city doesn't do DQ's for boone's farm hand ups
30th - Cat 1-2-3 DFL after I ate in on the first lap. Pulled over, rearranged my chain, drank a beer and had fun anyway. Then came the boons farm, that's ano... [read more]
28th - Cat 4 Had to power wash my shoes from the inside to get that creek smell out of them. Best time was the fire feature in the creek. Hands are sti... [read more]
1st - Cat 3 My first Big Win! Yeah for me. I beat Jon Clous (barely) after his overshot in the creek. Glenn- Where were you? My first big win, cou... [read more]
1st - Women 3-4 Awesomely fun race. I rode through fire in a cat suit. I rode fast 'cause Scooby Doo was not far behind. The sandbox was so-so.
1st - Cat 1-2-3 A good course for a 29er. rough
3rd - Women 1-2-3-4 My favorite 'cross race to date!
6th - Women 3-4 Can't go wrong with a race where kids are running the on-course fire and the keg! Got a flat tire the last lap though. :-(
5th - Cat 4-5 I love Uncle Steve's Halloween race! Where else can Spiderman race against Ali-G and drink a beer while racing? Started off strong, led the... [read more]
5th - Cat 1-2 I wore a costume, dropped my chain a couple times, and caught my pedal on something which caused a crash, but still ended up 5th. Loved watc... [read more]
17th - Cat 5 I think I could have done a little better if I would have gotten a better spot out of the whole shot!!!!! oh well I will do better next time... [read more]
5th - Masters 40+ Sorry I did not race a Uncle Steve's Farm last year. The course was ruff, twisty and the creek bed of MUD & MUCK! The creek bed was a mix ... [read more]