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American Electric Power

Welcome to the AEP Team RideNet site. The AEP Team includes all kinds of cyclists with a shared objective: Advancing bicycling as a way to enhance our lives and the overall community.

AEP continues to focus on encouraging employees and their familly members to bike to work, school or for errands in lieu of driving. It's all part of a community-wide effort to get everyone to replace two car trips a month with bicycle trips.

As we and others bike more and drive less, we're part of a movement that will benefit our lives, our economy and our community.

To join the AEP Team, send an email with your first and last name and your AEP e-mail address to Once you've been added to the team, go to "Your Profile," update your bio and log your first ride! Then spread the word. When we ride, we make a difference.

Riding for the Future

Enough Room for Everyone

Biking to work or for errands has many benefits. Bicycle transportation: -- keeps our motorized vehicles off the roads, reducing congestion and traffic-related pollutants; -- creates a community of riders whose example and encouragement leads others to try biking instead of driving; -- brings vitality to streets, roads and multi-use trails, raising awareness of alternative transportation; -- offers significant health and well-being benefits to riders, keeping bodies fit and minds sharp; -- and benefits employers, providing a workforce that's healthier and better prepared for the tasks of the day.

Riding Safely

Safety is paramount for all AEP employees, and bicycling is no exception. Employees who commute by bicycle must wear helmets and reflective clothing, as well as have proper front and back lights. As vehicle operators, bicyclists must also follow traffic laws, including obeying traffic signals/stop signs; using hand signals when turning, slowing and stopping; traveling with traffic; etc. Failure to bike properly is not only dangerous, but reflects poorly on all bicyclists in the eyes of motor vehicle operators.

Bike 'n Bus - Another Option

COTA's Bike 'n Bus service offers options for bike commuters. A thunderstorm on the way? Got a flat tire? Want to bicycle only after work? Bike 'n Bus enables you to jump on the bus with your bike! With your paid fare, your bike rides free safely on a rack at the front of the bus. If you live on or near a bus route, it's an option that opens up new possibilities in commuting and errands. For information, visit

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What's happening @ American Electric Power

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  6 mile commute
  6 mile commute
Wednesday • 2 days ago
WBC Wednesday Night Night Ride, Forte  17 mile workout
To/from WBC Wednesday Night Night Ride, Forte  8 mile errand
Morning commute....and a long after work commute to Worthington Hills loop and back....  34 mile commute
Tuesday • 3 days ago
+0.5m  31 mile workout
Am commute, drop bike at downtown bike shop at noon, and pick up aft work and home....  8 mile commute
Monday • 4 days ago
Rainy Monday morning, but very little traffic and no delays :)  6 mile commute
Sunday • 5 days ago
Up riverside drive and back.....  39 mile workout
Chilly wind but fun ride anyway.  34 mile social
Around Hoover, Forte.  25 mile workout
Saturday • 6 days ago
Church cleaning, post office & north market errands....  6 mile errand
Friday, Oct 12 • 7 days ago
OT North and Worthington Hills with Mike.  23 mile workout
Skull cap, gloves, and light jacket this morning....  6 mile commute
Thursday, Oct 11 • 8 days ago
glad that the clouds cleared & the sun came out right before my ride!  31 mile workout
  6 mile commute
Wednesday, Oct 10 • 9 days ago
To/from and abbreviated WBC Wednesday Night Night Ride due to a slow leak in front tire, Forte  14 mile workout
  6 mile commute
Tuesday, Oct 9 • 10 days ago
Took the extra long way home, weather so nice!  29 mile commute
Commute in the am and took long way home aft to Hills Market and back...  30 mile commute
Monday, Oct 8 • 11 days ago
Zanesfield, Corkscrew, Mt Crest, CR5, CR10  22 mile workout
Nice tailwind at times  32 mile workout
  7 mile commute
Sunday, Oct 7 • 12 days ago
To Battelle Darby Metro and back....  31 mile workout
Riding path in Glacier Ridge Metro Park  14 mile social
Church, Forte  10 mile errand
Saturday, Oct 6 • 13 days ago
To and Fro to the Bucks game....what traffic?  4 mile social
Rode from home , kept adding on then saw the black cloud. Turned back but got caught in rain.  19 mile workout
East of Hoover and back through Galena, Forte  33 mile workout
Friday, Oct 5 • 14 days ago
Zanesfield, Corkscrew, Mt Crest, Ohio high point, CR5, Mt Sisyphus  25 mile workout