Sunday April 17, 2011

OSRS #5 - Spring Valley - BigDaveSports & 7 Hills Racing
Date: Sunday April 17, 2011
Location: Spring Valley, OH
Even Type: Road Race
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April 17, 2011
1st - Cat 4 Late to the line as usual and started at the back of a big field. There was a crash and some sketchy stop go stuff. Managed to get to the ... [read more]
20th - Cat 5 Had a great race today and felt pretty good for being off the bike for two weeks.
21st - Cat 5 Nice and windy! I positioned myself at the front for the first lap and did a solo by myself and paid for it on the next 3 laps (serious less... [read more]
3rd - Women 3-4 Yep, it was windy. Too much caffeine and not enough sugar before this race. I started out weak and jittery. I got blown off the breakaway... [read more]
9th - Cat 3 Great course,windy day, with one climb per lap. Managed to get in a break of 7 on the 3rd? lap. Unfortunately for me didnt have the legs, st... [read more]
6th - Cat 3 6 guys came out and rode super hard. Best race so far.
Field - Cat 3 My story is virtually identical to Eric Peters'. Getting caught out in cross winds meant my matches got burnt early. The two hills on this c... [read more]
24th - Cat 5 Windy! We positioned ourselves better at the start of this race than we did at Hueston Woods. I could feel the lack of riding this past we... [read more]
6th - Cat 5 Feeling more comfortable each race. Had some good teammates to line up with at the start and we were all looking to ride strong. Spent som... [read more]
25th - Cat 4 Not a bad race considering I started the day with tired and sore legs and nearly missed the start of the race because of some bad directions... [read more]
Field - Cat 1-2-3 Wind. This race marks wind and decent hills over the last four weeks. Legs felt like garbage this morning, felt like garbage over the first ... [read more]