Rider Profile

Gail Klauck-Jacobs: Recreational
Team: American Electric Power
Days/Month: 4 Miles YTD: 2218 Days YTD: 80
Born: Detroit MI
Resides: Columbus Ohio
Occupation: Sr. Design Tech
Favorite Ride: So many can't pick one, what a good problem! But one route I created called 'George' in Allentown, PA was full of challenging hills & wonderful views. Another on the peninsula between East Bay & West Bay in Traverse City, MI sure was a daily favorite for years!
My Commute: 7 miles to work, 15 miles home (have more time), 1/2 the time through nice sub'd & bike path.

Ride Log

Week of July 16, 2018 2 Rides  •  68 Miles
Thu 7/19 34 miles   Perfect weather to ride! Tandem out of New Albany. +0.5 
Wed 7/18 34 miles   WBC wednesday night ride with friends 
Week of July 9, 2018 6 Rides  •  219 Miles
Sun 7/15 40 miles   Tandem ride with hubby 
Sat 7/14 62 miles   Hilly WBC ride out of New Albany 
Fri 7/13 21 miles    
Thu 7/12 32 miles   WBC Wednesday night ride 
Mon 7/9 50 miles   WBC Monday Morning Ride out New Albany 
Mon 7/9 14 miles   rode from home to WBC Monday Morning Ride in New Albany +0.5 

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